Captain Cook's Family Tree (updated May 17, 2016 )

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1728 - 1779

The distinguished Australian researcher Rod Fleck, co-author (with Ada Burnicle) of "A Genealogical Study of the family of Captain James Cook R.N., F.R.S. 1728 - 1779" has prepared this updated Family Tree of Captain James Cook R.N. 1728 - 1779. Rod has asked that the following comments from Clifford E. Thornton, the first curator for the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, be given on this website:

In recent years, the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum has received numerous letters from people believing themselves to be related to the Captain in some way. Whilst some correspondents have supplied their Family Trees, others have asked if the museum can confirm a reputed relationship that has been passed down their family over a number of generations. The following family trees have been compiled in a attempt to answer past and future enquiries.

Captain Cook has no direct descendants and apart from his widow, the family surname died out in the 18th century. Hence, the presence of the surname Cook in an individual's ancestry tends to invalidate a family relationship rather than sustaining it.

Notes about this Family Tree from Rod:

I have excluded all information regarding Living People in line with other Family History sites, however in order to assist other family researchers I have included the full known name of all Living People.

Over the years I have found some family structures assume the Death of a family member to be anywhere from 100-150 years before they release a persons details; in order to give other family researchers greater access to this relevant information I have assumed the age of all Living People to be 95 years.

This may be wrong on two aspects -

a) the person died previously and I was not told or aware
b) the person is still alive

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Family tree enquires should be directed to Rod Fleck: