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Fiske Hill II

Fiske Hill II

Here are the remnants of the original Fiske House. The house is now reduced to its base foundation at the corner of Old Mass Avenue and Wood Road. It is located at the northeastern section of the Fiske Homestead, which itself is the easternmost boundary of the Minute Man National Park.

The well where the unfortunate event, between the Colonial militiaman James Hayward and a British soldier, occurred is approximately 100 feet (~30.5 meters) from the house foundation looking West.

There is a self-guided walking tour/trail around the Fiske property. This property is no longer farmland and is now well overgrown with trees and natural wild grasses, but one can definitely see where it had been farmed fields. As a note, during the colonial era open fields typified this portion of Massachusetts and not the very many trees that are seen here now.

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